How to avoid a sore cupcake after sex

How to avoid a sore cupcake after sex

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Your body produces natural lubricants when you're aroused, sometimes your body's production isn't enough and sex can be painful. Adding in a lubricant like our rose oil helps tremendously.

An allergic reaction to a latex condom, lubricant or other product you bring into your bedroom could result in pain down below. It may cause genital irritation in the vulva as well. If anything was inserted into the vagina, the pain may extend into  the canal. Changing the type of product may help!

Bartholin's Cyst

Two bartholin's glands sit on either side of the vaginal opening. They provide natural lubrication to the vagina. Sometimes, these cysts, or the ducts that move the fluid can become blocked. This causes tender, fluid-fillef bumps on one side of the vaginal opening. Sexual activity can irritate Bartholin's cysts and the tissue arround them, which could cause unexpected pain.

Vaginal Infections

Yeast infections or UTI's can cause irritation during sex. Treatment for these would help in preventing pain!